Sponsorship (exclusing promotions)

Sponsor someone you know and gain 800 points (worth 6 months free subscription).
The person you sponsor will be credited 450 points or a free subscription quarter.
The person you sponsor must have your login ID when registering so you and them can benefit from the sponsorship.

800 & 450 pts

Additional subscriptions

If you have multiple vehicles and want to equip them with a new communicating device, gain 150 points for 2 subscriptions and 200 points per device for any subscription after that.

150 & 200 pts

Correcting the danger zones

Have you noticed a missing information? An error concerning a fixed danger (position of the speed camera, direction or speed)? Report it to us via our tool and win 100 points per information confirmed by our quantity surveyors. Report danger zones

100 pts

Report a mobile danger zone

Are you always on the road? Report the hazards you encounter using your remote control and gain 50 points everytime the information is confirmed by 2 other drivers.

50 pts

Speed limit correction

The communicating devices use a map from HERE (formerly Navteq). As those maps contain thousands of kilometers, errors can remain. We are able to modify those errors for you so you can benefit from the very best maps. Keep in mind that only the speed correction validated by our techniciens will be taken into account. Report speed limit errors

100 pts


Go to the VIK BENEFITS page and login with your IDs. Your Vik points balance will appear on the top right and you can choose how to use them :

Extend your subscription

You have the option to get additional subscription months
Attention! This option is only available for devices that had a subscription and the maximum is 12 months.

  • 1 month = 150 pts
  • 2 months = 300 pts
  • 4 months = 600 pts
  • 6 months = 800 pts
  • 12 months = 1500 pts

from 150 pts

Cover for Communicating INFORAD device

This elegant leather cover protects your Communicating INFORAD device. Ideal present for any INFORAD lover.

1500 pts

Remote control for your Communicating INFORAD device

Maximise your safety by using the INFORAD steering wheel remote control. Designed for both right and left handed users, each of its buttons can be identified by touch therefore allowing you to fully focus on your driving.

1000 pts

INFORAD Cradle for Ci & Smart

The revolutionary INFORAD support for your communicating device mounted with a self-adhsive suction cup enables exceptional dashboard and windscreen performance. Compatible with the Motorbike Kit, it can be installed on the cap or the motorbike bubble.

1000 pts

Wall charger + USB cable

This USB cable and wall charger kit allows you to charge all INFORAD products that have a battery at home or in the office. Cable lenght is 1m20.

1000 pts

INFORAD K3 leather case

Elegant leather case to protect your INFORAD K3. Ideal present for any INFORAD lover.

600 pts

Wall charger

The INFORAD wall charger allows you to charge all INFORAD products that have a battery at home or in the office.

600 pts

USB power cable for Communicating INFORAD device

USB power cable. Specfic for Communicating INFORAD devices. Length 1m20.

600 pts