Grundig Smoke Detector/Smoke Alarm in White, 3.4×10.1×10.1cm


An alarm that should not be missed by any home or business.

It automatically turns on when it detects smoke.

It works on a 24-hour stand and the battery lasts for a year!

In the event of an alarm, there is an audible and visual indication. An acoustic 90 db sound from the internal siren will be heard and the light will blink.

Works with batteries (included)

Easy installation

Volume: 85dB


Smoke can often spread far through a home before we know it. With this smoke detector you prevent that you are not suddenly confronted with a house full of smoke, and that you are warned in time as soon as things go wrong.


Volume: 85dB

Dimensions: 34 x 101 x 101 mm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Works with batteries (included)

Easy installation

Brand: Grundig

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


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