Inforad K3 Deluxe Speed Camera Detector


A small product with controlled sound

  • a small size (USB key) but huge technology (SiRFstarIII inside)
  •  a small price but a great compatibility (integrated battery and button volume, compatible with all vehicles)

No bigger than a USB key (Length 75 mm – Width 28 mm – Thickness 17 mm – Weight 30 g), the new K3 integrates with the highest GPS technology. It includes the famous GPS processor SiRFstarIII latest generation and a battery which gives it full autonomy. In addition it’s equipped with a button to adjust the volume at your convinience.

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Linea Rossa: Elegant and legal

The INFORAD K3 remains in line with its predecessor and is from the famous brand “Linea Rossa by Inforad”.

The technology

The new K3 naturally inherits all the technological knowledge of INFORAD
Latest generation SiRFstarIII GPS processor
Built-in battery that gives it an autonomy up to 5 hours
No installation required and very fast startup
Visual and audio alarms
Adjustable sound volume
No wires and total independence

INFORAD K3 : adjustable sound

The INFORAD K3 has a 3 positions switch (low, medium, high) allowing to simply adapt the volume of the alarm according to the ambient noise. Therefore with the K3, INFORAD combines the effective dangers warning and the great serenity of the driver.

INFORAD K3 : the perfect size

The small size of the INFORAD K3 allows it to be easily positioned in the non-athermal areas of any windshield, most often under the mirror (clip provided). This results in an optimal performance whenever the vehicle is used. As of today the K3 is the only speed camera detector compatible with all vehicles.

The INFORAD K3 in use

The INFORAD K3 signals speed cameras.

This small device placed on your dashboard or your windshield helps you avoid speeding tickets and points on your driver’s license but also increases your safety.
The INFORAD K3 is safe and effective.

Thanks to the GPS system, the INFORAD K3 constantly knows the position of your vehicle and its processor compares it with the speed camera data contained in our database. As soon as you enter a speed camera zone, the K3 warns you immediately with simple and understandable light and sound signals.

The INFORAD K3 extras

Easy positioning on the windshield thanks to the “Clip & Go®” system
Compatible with all vehicles
Free updates for life (Windows PC + Internet connection)
Free update subscription
A 2 year waranty
INFORAD MANAGER (IFM) was specially designed to make the best use of the K3’s capabilities. It includes a unique feature for this type of product: an interactive learning area to help users understand how to use the K3.

Additional information

Weight 20001 kg

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