Bazooka BTA10100FHC 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Black)


Upgrade your car’s mobile audio system with this 100W bass tube. Our largest 100W subwoofer, this bass tube has a two-channel amplifier built in with a 10″ dual voice coil woofer. Perfect for sedan trunks or hatchbacks! The amplifier’s built in crossover removes the high frequencies the woofer can’t play from the signal, which allows for a crisp and clean bass. Once connected to your system, you’ll experience seamless integration–both electrically and audibly–which allows for incredible sound quality. This simple-to-install BTA10100FHC comes with straps for secure mounting while still making removing quick and easy.

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100w Powered Tube
Complete Bass Solution For A Universal Oem & Aftermarket Integration
Upgrades Any Systemize Or Aftermarket
100W 10″ powered tube
Universal FAST-9999 and BTAH
Upgrades any system (OEM or aftermarket) – works great in trunks of sedans
No drilling a hole through firewall
Optional remote bass control