Grundig carbon monoxide detector with LCD display, dimensions: 12 x 8 x 3.5 cm (W x H x D)

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  • CO ALARM: The concentration of carbon monoxide in the room is measured via a chemical sensor. In the event of an irregularities, a loud alarm signal is triggered which warns the residents day and night and protects against serious health damage.
  • Test function: to ensure that everything works correctly, there is a test button on the CO alarm alarm. This turns the device into self-test mode. You can make sure that the alarm is triggered in the event of an emergency.
  • LCD Screen – The device is intuitively operated via an LCD keyboard – the display is displayed via an LCD screen on which the current temperature is displayed. In addition, various status options such as power supply (green), alarm (red) and fault (yellow) are displayed via LEDs.
  • Easy to install: the carbon monoxide detector is easy to install. The mounting plate includes screws and dowels for stable wall mounting. The CO detector should be installed at least 1.5 m height and rd. 1, 85m from the corresponding appliance.
  • Running time: the sensor has a running time of 7 years, the battery lasts at least one year. If the battery is too low, the detector will warn you in time. The Grundig carbon monoxide alarm protects you 24 hours a day from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Carbon monoxide usually appears unnoticed. First signs are diffuse and become asleep
usually not noticed. This alarm is your personal bodyguard. It measures the
CO2 concentration in the room and immediately beats alarm when it becomes dangerous.
Protect yourself and your family with this little life saver.

Advantages of the CO2 alarm

Grundig CO2 alarm

Lifesaver in your home

With chemical sensor

Loud alarm sound in case of danger

With intuitive LCD screen

7 year sensor life

Battery life min. 1 year (3x 1.5 V LR6)

It is best to install this CO2 sensor in any room at risk – better today than tomorrow.

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