The INFORAD V3 + External Antenna

What is INFORAD?
INFORAD is a speed  camera warning device that installs quickly and simply on your dashboard, warning you of oncoming traps. You’ll avoid expensive traffic fines and heighten your awareness to speed at the same time, making you a safer driver.

INFORAD compares your vehicle’s current position to a database with thousands of speed camera locations and alerts you in advance with a visual and audible alarm.

INFORAD uses state-of-the-art accurate GPS technology – not electromagnetic or laser detection systems which may interfere with police radar equipment and are illegal in many counties

INFORAD – the most accurate red light and speed camera detector. INFORAD uses advanced GPS SiRF STAR II technology and includes FREE lifetime camera database updates (requires PC and Internet connection) and a 5 m cable external antenna with many accessories available.

INFORAD’s compact size makes installation easy. Sit it anywhere on your dashboard, plug it into the cigarette lighter
and you’re ready to go. You’ll drive more carefully, protect your license, and save your hard earned money.