Inforad K0 Speed Camera Detector – Unbeatable price

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GPS receiver: SiRFstarIIITM 20 channels
Position 10 meters RMS – speed <at 1km / h
32-bit RISC ARM7 at 49MHz
Memory: 128Kb processor – Vive 8Mb
Alarm: Sound
Power: 5 Vdc per cigarette lighter adapter
Input: 12/24 Vdc,
Output: 5 Vdc – 850 mA max.

Dimensions: Length 75mm – width 25mm
Thickness 10mm – Weight 20grs

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High-performance radar warning

The size of a USB key, the INFORAD K0 is the smallest GPS speed camera warning. Its essential function is to warn in real time of the proximity of a risk zone (thanks to the GPS system, the K0 constantly knows the position of your vehicle and compares it with the risk zones contained in the base of data).

INFORAD K0: Small but strong

INFORAD K0 incorporates most of the technological elements that have contributed to the success of the INFORAD product range and in particular the famous SiRFstarIII processor of the latest generation.

Smaller and lighter, its miniaturization does not diminish its performance, on the contrary because its small size allows it to be positioned anywhere on the dashboard.

Unbeatable price

European database
Like all INFORADs, K0 integrates a European database whose updates are free for life.
The database updates are made very simply thanks to the software Inforad Manager downloadable free of charge on the site

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Weight 1.5 kg

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  • Inforad Manager 3.6 (all units except Ci et Smart) → Download