Inforad K1 Deluxe Speed Camera Detector

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GPS receiver:
, 20 channels
Average acquisition time*:
Initialisation: ~3 mn, 38 s when cold and
8 s after warming up
Update time :
1 second
Position 10.9 yards; RMS speed < 0.62 mph
RISC 32 bits ARM7 at 49MHz
Processor 128Kb RAM 8Mb.
Audible and visual
Lithium ion. Endurance of four and a half hours
Power supply:
Cigar lighter adapter: Input: 12/24V DC, Output: 5V
DC 850 mA max
Length: 2.95 in. – Width: 1.1 in – Height: .67 in.
Complete product weight:
1 oz

Out of stock

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Beyond its miniature size, the K1’s cutting edge SiRF Star III GPS technology gives it industry leading pinpoint
accuracy at the lowest possible price…lower than the cost of a speeding fine – the K1 Deluxe includes free lifetime
updates to INFORAD’s renowned and validated speed camera database, Genuine Leather holder and Mains USB
power supply. There is nothing on the market to beat it!


With ever increasing speed camera density and traffic, any device that makes for safer
drivers while saving money is always welcome. The K1’s small, compact size coupled with its
low weight means it easily clips to your windscreen, your rear view mirror, even your car’s sun visor.
Its on board rechargeable battery removes the need for cumbersome cables and mounting brackets.
Benefiting from the highest level of technology, In particular it has a built in re-chargeable battery and it processor is the GPS SIRF starIII the No.1 GPS satellite chip set technology.The power and quality of this technology inside the K1 has put us as the leader in the GPS product market In the world of GPS speed camera detectors, the K1 is compatible with all vehicles. With its size and quality, we are without a doubt beginning a new era in consumer products.

How does INFORAD K1 work?
Using the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite network, INFORAD
K1 always knows the position of your vehicle, and its processor compares this with the more than 17,000 risk areas stored in its database. INFORAD K1 warns you before you enter a risk area, whether or not there is a speed camera there

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