INFORAD M1 Motorbike GPS Speed Camera Warning System


The INFORAD M1: the first speed camera detector focusing to motorcycle only

Just like our car devices, the INFORAD M1 is a speed camera detector, designed and developed in Europe, but it’s focusing on the motorcycle only. Once installed on your motorbike, the INFORAD M1 will help you avoid speeding tickets, points of your driver’s license and enhance your safety.

The INFORAD M1’s main function is to alert the driver in real time of the proximity of a speed camera in order to avoid excessive and dangerous braking due to the driver’s surprise.


INFORAD is safe and effective.

Thanks to the GPS system, the INFORAD M1 constantly knows the position of your vehicle and is able to match with the speed cameras contained in our database. As soon as you enter a dangerous speed camera zone, the INFORAD M1 warns you immediately with simple and comprehensible luminous signals.

Unlike a car, a motorcycle induces climatic, installation and discretion constraints. The INFORAD M1 takes into account these different constraints in its design. Therefore the product is broken down into two parts:

  • a fixed part installed on the vehicle that we call “Support”
  • a removable part that contains most of the electronics and connects to the support, which we call “Cartridge”

Those 2 parts were created in order to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the GPS part, that needs to be updated in order to have the last speed detector information, without having to dismantle the entire device.


The update of the INFORAD M1 is done through the software Inforad Manager (available on free download on our website).

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

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