Inforad V4e Battery

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The 4th Generation of the V’s speed camera detector: the INFORAD V4e

Equipped with the famous SiRFstarIII processor, the INFORAD V4e guarantees you an optimal reception quality!

It’s design: Small, round and light, the V4e fits in the palm of the hand. Its gray metallic color harmonizes discreetly with all dashboards. The two buttons on the upper side and a translucent facade elegantly hides the its LEDs.

The technical side: the V4e is fully compatible with previous versions:

  • no installation required
  • a fast start
  • speed limiter
  • trip recorder
  • clear sounds adapted for each type of alert
  • the possibility to adjusting the sound
  • light alerts adapted for each type of alert

Small and aesthetic, the V4e combines a good design with the best technologies to give you a great user experience.

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The INFORAD V4e is a speed camera detector.

This small device placed on your dashboard will help you avoid speeding, points of your driver’s license and enhance your safety.

The V4e: a safe and effective device

Thanks to the GPS system, the INFORAD V4e constantly knows the position of your vehicle and its processor compares it with the speed camera data contained in our database. As soon as you enter a speed camera zone, the V4e warns you immediately with simple and understandable light and sound signals.

The V4e extras

Easy positioning in all vehicles including heavy vehicles (12/24 Volts)
Automatic database updates (Windows PC + Internet connection)
Free update subscription
“Speed limiter” option for your safety + an option to memorize your trip
A 2 years warranty
Multiple accessories are now available for this device
INFORAD MANAGER (IFM) was specially designed to make the best use of the V4e’s capabilities. It includes a unique feature for this type of product: an interactive learning area to help users understand how to use the V4e.

Additional information

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Help & Docs

  • Inforad Manager 3.6 (all units except Ci et Smart) → Download
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