ZenLogic Bluetooth Speaker and free power bank – 4 colours available


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  • Haut-parleur Bluetooth portable avec 33 pi portée sans fil
  • Alimenté par batterie Li-ion rechargeable
  • 4 heures de temps de jeu une charge
  • Câble de charge USB vers Micro USB
  • 2600 mAh Power Bank – normalement 14.90€
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  1. Play/Pause

While in Bluetooth Mode or TF card push play & pause music. Press continuously for 3-5 seconds to cancel pairing. When in Radio mode, press continuously for automatic scanning and channel setting. While in either Radio mode or Aux in mode, press and release this button one time to mute.


  1. Volume Down/ Previous Music or Radio Channel

Quickly press this button one time for previous music or radio channel, hold down continuously for a few seconds to turn the volume down.


  1. Power/Mode

Press continuously for a few of seconds for either power off or on,  quickly press this button to enter each mode such as bluetooth, micro-SD(TF), FM radio and AUX-in


  1. Volume Up/Next Music or Radio Channel

Quickly press one time for the next music  or  radio channel, press continuously for a few of seconds for up-volume.


  1. Handsfree Speakerphone


  1. Led Indicator

Flashing blue represents bluetooth scanning mode, continuous blue light and unit is paired.


  1. Microphone


  1. Reset

If your unit happens to lose its ability to function, insert a needle or similar  and  press to reset the device.


  1. Micro-USB DC 5V Charging Port

Use provided cable to recharge device. This cable also works as the FM antenna.


  1. Charging Indicator

Lights red when accepting a charge. Light will turn off when unit is completely charged.


  1. Micro-SD TF Card Slot

Insert TF card with audio file in mp3 or WMA format.


  1. Aux-In

Connect other audio sources such as a CD player or MP3 device.


Bluetooth Connection

Scan for the speaker on your phone or portable device.  Search for the bluetooth device named BT-S6B, and connect. When connected the blue indicator will go from flashing to continuously lit.


Bluetooth Auto-Reconnect 

Upon connecting several times the device will automatically search for and connect to the previously connected Bluetooth device.


Answer calls ( only after the Bluetooth is successfully connected to phone)


  1. Press handsfree button for a few seconds to redial the last call. Music will be paused if it is being played back.


  1. Press handsfree button to answer the call; the call will be rejected if continually pressing for a few seconds.


  1. Quickly press the handsfree button to hang up calls or press it for a few seconds to switch to the Bluetooth speaker.


Aux-in, and TF

If aux-in is connected, the speaker will play from that source. When disconnected , it will revert to the Bluetooth mode. If TF card inserted, the speaker will switch to the TF from all other modes. When removed, it will revert to the Bluetooth mode.


FM Radio

Insert the micro-USB cable as the FM antennae, press the play/pause button for a few of seconds and release to auto-scan the channels.

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